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“I wish I could like peanuts. I just can’t. Like, they make me die.”

“He looks like someone who would go eat at Long John Silver’s and then go murder somebody”

“If you really want to help Charlie Sheen, give him a cure for Charlie Sheen.”

“We turned wolves into pugs and bullshits”

“My shit is a has-been for sure”

“From a dog whistle to a whale fart, and everything in between”

“That’s an impoitant pornt to ensaphize”

“I just thought it was interesting how everyone exploded, calling her a bold-faced liar and saying there is no comparison when there clearly is a comparison because we’re all comparing it.”

“Eat a salad of venus fly traps, and pineapples. And beetles. The salad that eats you back. Try to eat it first. And coral reef.”