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“I’d like a small dish of cholesterol pellets please and a bowl of tartar soup”

“Hurry! Run out of the burning building! The doorway is on fire! My doorwary is burning!”

“I’m gonna smash my hand bones against your face pieces!”

“A mobius of impractical clothing. How do I put this shirt on? There’s no inside or outside! It’s a bunch of sleeves wrapped in on one another.”

“Sir Reginald Excellence Tallmaster Commodore 64”

“Loose Stools n Such: Shit Your Ass Down”

“Over here the bubbles just sit on beanbag chairs and flip you off when you ask them to vote.”

“We don’t need you to come in. We know what your nipples look like. I’ve got them memorized. They haunt my nightmares. I can no longer make love to my wife.”