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“I’ll be down pantly”

“I’d like a small dish of cholesterol pellets please and a bowl of tartar soup”

“21 Pantsuits”

“He’s telling you what he doesn’t know what he’s doing and he’s doing things what he doesn’t know what he’s gonna do… in public… and privates. In public AND WITH HIS PRIVATES.”

“William Shatner is like one of those self-inflatable things on an airplane. If the ‘80s crashed then William Shatner flew out of it and is saving lives by inflating himself. Slowly. And automatically.”

“Not only is that incompetent, it’s incontinent”

“I hold dinners and balls”

“I have to doodies peepees”

“Mulligans are for golfers and hobos”

“This information is a vegetable. I will not be digesting it at all, in that case.”