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Listen in as siblings Katrina and Jason pimp slap boring until it gives them the money it owes

“Everything will be sophisticated except to the extent that it sounds like a broken retard talking to you”

“He looks like someone who would go eat at Long John Silver’s and then go murder somebody”

“Hurry! Run out of the burning building! The doorway is on fire! My doorwary is burning!”

“A vomit on words”

“It’s a big shame-wreath around your butt-traffic”

“I’m going to get a tongue surgically installed in my butt so I can find out what that asshole is saying.”

“I’m gonna smash my hand bones against your face pieces!”

“He’s telling you what he doesn’t know what he’s doing and he’s doing things what he doesn’t know what he’s gonna do… in public… and privates. In public AND WITH HIS PRIVATES.”

“A warm blanket made out of cement that I can wrap around me for aegis to come.”

“Every day is your afterbirthday other than your birthday.”