“I’ll be down pantly”

“I don’t mean the things I say, I nice them.”

“I don’t have morals or viewpoints, I just want money. Please give has. I thank. Can my has any monies more that’s not mine. I like monies. I hate babies and futures.” -The Republican Party

“Gypsy Rider & Jelly Russell”

“I wake up early to go to sleep!”

“Instead of germs in this universe, it’s a bunch of microscopic goblins that steal skin cells and raid the apple orchards of your hands.”

“This ties in perfectly like shoelaces to each other and then you try to run down some stairs.”

“So that makes that guy not like trump, and there’s a lot of that guys right now.”

“Socio-economic personification of quid-pro-quo evil”

“There’s a difference between progress and results and I’m not sure I attained either.”

You can share this epidude, bro