Monthly Archives: March 2015

“When I read some of the pages in this book I start to frown. Can we make my face stop frowning? Can we put words in here that make my face go up?”

“I used to nut like nobody’s business. I used to be spiky and I used to nut everywhere.”

“You can’t fool me! You’re not two midgets in a trenchcoat, you’re one midget in a jacket. And novelty sunglasses.”

Yet another in-person Sibcast epidode sees us covering such subjects as little people, the validity of holidays, spinning cyclones of shitting dogs, health and fitness, and Jason deftly avoiding butt-rape. All that and much more!

For the first time, The Sibcast is recorded all in one room. Huzzah! With Katrina and co in town for a week.

Sandwiches, girl scout cookies, clowns, dropped phone call, farting in elevators… again… all that and more covered in episode 006 of The Sibcast!

Check out the fanciest epidode yet! Yeah. Epidode… I said it. More urban dictionary hilarity, other stuff, and hey even a movie review of Chappie… kinda. Come on in! Oh yeah there’s a hiccup at 28:30. Don’t worry you didn’t miss anything ;) Oh oh yeah and sorry about the p’s a’poppin. Working on it.

Got plans tonight? Now you do! Call that date of yours and tell him/her it’s off. Something more important just came up.

Last episode too long? No problem! We’re into that. We’re into you. We like feedback. It’s delicious! *WORD PELLET*